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Residentials and Day Trips

Curriculum visits, both residential and day trips, support our traditional subject areas through access to hands on and authentic experiences in the local community and the wider SE Asian region. Examples of these include Geography, History and Performing Arts trips in the Secondary school. In the Primary school day trips are often used to facilitate extended learning of units of study, including visits to local museums, parks and the very popular Chocolate school.

Year Group residentials from Years 3 - 10 and Year 12 offer each student the chance to participate in a 3 day / 2 night with their peers. In Secondary, these residentials are used as an important marker for the year’s wellbeing program to foster important skills such as personal responsibility, independence, teamwork, trust and leadership. Primary residentials build upon curriculum learning and serve as an important opportunity for the students to develop personal organisation, independence and teamworking skills in a safe but unfamiliar environment.