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8billionideas is an ideas company, existing to connect the people on the planet with their own ideas. They have worked with over 100,000 students over the last 7 academic years from all over the world, and BSJ has been working with them since November 2018. David Harkin, 8billionideas' CEO and TEDx speaker, is our Director of Entrepreneurship.

Principal David Butcher introducing a guest speaker from 8billionideas

In the last 15 months prior to COVID-19, David and his team members have visited the school to bring ideas and also platforms for ideas for both staff and students. Highlights have included Primary students who have been challenged to ‘dream big, think big’, as well as our Secondary students who have had the experience of creating a company over a weekend in July 2019 gaining all the skills that are needed to form a startup company.

7billionideas' speaker connecting with our students