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The British School Jakarta (BSJ) values the role of sports, health and exercise in our lives and recognises that individual students bring differing qualities to the school and learn in different ways. The sports and activities programmes, in keeping with the School’s mission statement, provide our students with a wide range of opportunities to realize their full potential and in so doing develop those fundamental characteristics deemed both important and relevant to their lives.

Participation in sports and activities can be an integral part of a student's educational experience and the British School attempts to provide sporting opportunities for all students who wish to participate. These may take the form of either leisure activities (through the Activities programme) or competitive opportunities as part of the Competitive Sports programme. BSJ offers team sports at different age groups U12, U14, U16 (Junior Varsity) and U19 (Varsity), plus comprehensive age-group opportunities through the swimming, tennis and gymnastics programmes.

BSJ is one of the best-resourced schools in Asia for sport, which supports our goal to have world class sports programmes that cater for all abilities from beginner to elite level.

The Competitive Sports programme attempts to provide for as many sports as can reasonably be supported and is central to the organisations of which the school is a member:

  • JAAC – local Jakarta competition (Senior age group Varsity / Junior Varsity only);
  • JAMISSA - local Jakarta competition (Junior age group U14 / U12 only);
  • FOBISIA - international age grouped competition amongst British Schools in South Asia;
  • SEASAC – international competition for Senior students amongst specific schools within the region.
  • JSFA – The British School is the main facility provider for this prestigious Jakarta-based football competition and contributes the highest number of participating teams.

There are also some additional, one off sports competitions which BSJ attends eg the Moose Games Gymnastics Competition in Bangkok and various National Swimming Championships eg Singapore Age Group Nationals (SNAG) and Hong Kong Nationals.

Our programme is divided into 3 Seasons (Senior) and 4 Seasons (Junior), although programmes such as swimming, tennis and gymnastics run all year long.