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Continuous Improvements

2019/20 saw the continuation of planned physical improvements to our beautiful campus, commencing with the opening of our newly renovated Key Stage 2 Primary pod areas (Years 3, 4, 5 & 6) in Term 1. 

This is the first of three major enhancement projects, along with a new IB Centre and major upgrade of our Science and Technology spaces, included in our longer term capital master plan.

Additional projects which have taken place this year, or are in progress whilst the campus has been closed, include

  • installation of air purifiers in all classrooms and office spaces;
  • upgrades to the toilet facilities in the Secondary School for students;
  • a complete refurbishment of the Key Stage 1 classrooms (Years 1 & 2);
  • installation of new air conditioning in Key Stage 2 classrooms;
  • a brand new Key Stage 2 playground;
  • creation of the University Hub in the Secondary School coupled with IB common room interior renovations;
  • enhancements to the schools’ security;
  • access control and cashless catering systems;
  • upgrading to the latest Wifi 6 technology in key areas across the campus;
  • a purpose built outdoor performance stage with upgraded landscaping on the secondary green;
  • completion of a new central stores building for the storage and management of educational and operational supplies;
  • construction of more covered walkways for safe passage between buildings and facilities;
  • installation of more outdoor picnic tables and umbrellas to provide greater amenity;
  • and a range of hygiene and sanitary upgrades and modifications to help us keep our community safe and healthy when our campus reopens.

Further, we are proud to announce we have achieved “Gold” Greenship Building Certification status as we further our environmental sustainability aspirations to be Jakarta’s greenest international school