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Reporting to parents at BSJ emphasises discussion that involves the teacher, the learner and the parent. Reporting is feedback and feedback enhances learning in a number of ways. Led by the teacher, it allows the parent to better support at home. Led by the student, it allows the student to demonstrate and reinforce their learning. Finally, led by the parent, it allows the teacher to better support the student in school.


Therefore, BSJ reports in a number of ways through the year in the Primary School.

  1. Appointments - First and foremost, teachers are happy to set up meetings with parents during the year if a need arises. 

  2. Parent Teacher Consultations (PTCs) - We have two formal days where parents and students can meet with class teachers, specialist subject teachers and individual needs teachers to discuss learning. Formal written learning target sheets are prepared for parents to take home. 

  3. IPC Exit Points - As part of the summation of International Primary Curriculum topics, students share their learning in a variety of ways with parents in a celebration of their learning. 

  4. Student-Led Conferences (SLCs) - We have two formal SLCs during the year where students share their learning with parents as well as feedback on the targets they have been set. 

  5. End of Year Reports - Full written formal reports are prepared for parents at the end of the academic year in June. (However, if a child is leaving the school after week 7 of Term 1 and prior to week 5 of Term 3, an abbreviated Early Leavers Report will be made available for them upon request). should be timely, intimate and individual, empowering, sensitive and manageable….[and should] be given without scores or grades”

- Buswell, J. and Matthews, N., ‘Feedback on Feedback!’