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At the British School Jakarta, we truly believe that every child matters and we put wellbeing at the heart of all we do. We ensure that our children feel happy, healthy and safe at school, realising that success and happiness go together and without one, the other will not happen.

Happy Students

Through developed, secure relationships with peers and teachers, students feel comfortable, supported and challenged.

Peer relationships are nurtured and students develop positive friendships whilst in the classroom and at playtimes. At BSJ, through our caring community and wellbeing curriculum we encourage children to treat each other with respect, kindness and an open mind.

BSJ staff work in triangulation with students and families, collaborating to ensure that children feel happy and comfortable whilst at school. As well as developing firm relationships with their class teachers, the children are also supported by a team of wellbeing staff. The Assistant Head of Wellbeing, three School Counsellors, a Child Protection Officer and a Student Services Coordinator work in collaboration to offer advice, support and guidance to students and families.

Healthy Students

At BSJ we encourage students to live a balanced life, maintaining both physical and emotional wellbeing. 

Physical health is promoted at BSJ through the combination of excellent facilities combined with outstanding teaching and learning. 

The many sports facilities such as the olympic sized swimming pool, tennis courts, newly built Sports Centre and multiple outdoor fields, courts and pitches allow for outstanding PE lessons, sports enrichments, after school activities and competitions, promoting exercise and an active lifestyle. 

The play areas in the Primary also encourage physical wellbeing. The multiple climbing frames, trim trails and bike tracks combined with the lush green spaces encourage children to stay active during social times. 

Good physical health is also promoted through a healthy diet. The school provides nutritious meals for students whilst educating how to maintain a healthy, balanced diet. Student involvement in school meals is encouraged, with active committees such as ‘Food Committee’ contributing to food choices and the design of a balanced menu. 

The school Medical Centre also supports physical wellbeing. The School Doctor and nurses care for students that are unwell as well as carrying out routine eye tests, hearing tests and other medical examinations to ensure that children are physically healthy. 

Emotional health is promoted at BSJ through the wellbeing curriculum, providing education that promotes positive mental health. Relationships, Emotions, Health, Engagement, Accomplishment and Purpose are the six core areas of our wellbeing curriculum covering aspects such as resilience, motivation, self-regulation, empathy, compassion and emotional intelligence. 

Weekly assemblies teach positive mental health strategies, such as mindfulness, encouraging student understanding of emotional health whilst promoting a sense of community. 

The three School Counsellors are also able to work with individual students, groups of students and families to offer emotional support when difficulties are experienced. The School Counsellors are available to offer support to anyone in our BSJ school community. 

Safe Students

Our school campus is a purpose built environment ensuring that all children can stay safe whilst attending school. Safeguarding and Child Protection underpin all that we do at the school and are the first consideration in all things we do from construction through transport and access to lessons and learning. 

We have strong systems in place to train and educate all our students, staff, parents, drivers, nannies, vendors and all who enter our school about how to ensure children are kept safe. Security is strong and our school site is secure. Class teachers are at the heart of caring for our students in the Primary School and all staff are aware of our procedures for safeguarding.