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Years 1 to 6 Curriculum


The curriculum in the Primary School draws on world class schemes to support learning. English and Mathematics are delivered through an enhanced English National Curriculum that incorporates best practice from across the world. This is supported through the thematic, enquiry-led International Primary Curriculum (IPC) for our other subject areas. The IPC reflects the needs of the international and multicultural student body and capitalises on the unique opportunities provided by being located in Indonesia. 


At BSJ the curriculum, facilitated by excellent highly qualified teachers, also focuses on positive learning experiences. We make learning fun whilst embedding core knowledge (facts and information children learn), skills (practical abilities children need to master and which are transferable) and understanding (deeper awareness of concepts which develops over time).

We believe the children should have access to learning which allows each individual to thrIve. By combining the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) with global best practice, we believe we do this to a high level at BSJ. With continual reflection on educational research and the updating of methodology, BSJ brings a current curriculum and highly skilled staff that continually engages its learners.


We believe that the combination of a broad, balanced and stimulating curriculum alongside latest teaching methodologies allied to fun, excitement and enquiry-led learning means that our children make impressive progress at BSJ. The emphasis is on continuous teacher-led assessment to measure this progress; however, this is balanced against external standardised assessment. Results from both have repeatedly validated our approach to learning at BSJ.


Comparative Profile Graph of Tracked Children from Year 3 to Year 6 in Mathematics
Comparative Profile Graph of Tracked Children from Year 3 to Year 6 in English
*PTE - Progress Test in English *PTM - Progress Test in Mathematics *CAT - Cognitive Ability Tests
Note - Movement from left to right on above graphs shows all children progressed (average rose from 99 to 113) and more children entered the high (4x) and very high levels (2x). While the number of children in the low category was reduced to zero.



Successful BSJ learners...

  • are interested in learning and have a love of learning beyond school.

  • make visible progress, demonstrating their understanding of a skill or concept and identifying what they need to do to progress further.

  • take an active role in their own learning and develop independence.

  • can successfully assess their own work and the work of their peers.

  • take time to think about what they are doing and why they are doing it. 

  • know what success looks like in a particular area and act upon targets.

  • show resilience, engagement and enthusiasm, enjoy challenge and appreciate the value of struggling with concepts and ideas.

  • can learn in different ways, identifying the most appropriate methods.

  • begin to transfer concepts and skills, recognising that there are links between the things they are learning and previous learning.

  • can think for themselves and apply their thinking to a range of tasks. 

  • are able and willing to question and evaluate learning critically.

  • are able to take on different roles in the learning process.