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Enrichment at BSJ Primary refers to activities or classes that are chosen by the students and are planned to enhance learning within the curriculum day, typically by extending learning beyond the subjects traditionally taught at school. 

The goal of Enrichment is for children to enjoy learning for learning’s sake, by introducing them to new activities – for instance, a sport, an art, a creative area, a technological area, a music class… or even better: an area that combines many of these. The goal is also to develop transferable skills and dispositions to develop the children as lifelong learners. This means many Enrichments focus on aspects such as developing leadership, environmental awareness, how to support and develop others, communication and collaboration, as well as a sense of exploration and adventure.

Examples of the range of Enrichments that have been available are: House Captains, Rock Climbing, Eco-Warriors, Primary Rock Band, BSJ Podcasting, Inventions Club, Buster’s Buddies, Stop-Motion Movie Making, Gardening Club, Ready,Steady Cook!, Letters to the Famous, Food Committee, Service Learning, Coding for Fun, Touch Rugby, Comics, Yoga, Tech Heroes, Athletics, 3D Modelling... The list goes on with over 75 Enrichments run each week in Primary School.

Enrichment in Brief:

  1. Enrichment is 2 lessons per week within the curriculum day for Years 3-6.

  2. Enrichment is designed to have broad objectives for developing lifelong learners who are active, enthusiastic and passionate towards learning.  

  3. Enrichment focuses on transferable skills and dispositions.

  4. Enrichment is run by teachers and teaching assistants from within the Primary Schools.

  5. Enrichment seeks to develop the 10 attributes of the BSJ Learner Profile.

  6. Enrichment is child-led in choice. 

  7. Enrichment is structured to encourage children to do something new; something they have never tried before or have rarely had the opportunity to do.