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Indonesian Subjects

At BSJ the requirements for Indonesian nationals are fully supported with provision from Year 2 onwards (Year 1 for the Indonesian System). BSJ Primary has its own team of teachers qualified to deliver Bahasa Indonesia, PPKn (Civics) and Religion. These lessons are delivered every week to develop Indonesian national students at an age appropriate level. This will allow them to sit national examinations when they reach Secondary level in Year 7 and beyond.

Indonesian subjects are also supported, along with Indonesian cultural studies, by the Enrichment programme which provides strong activities that enhance and broaden our students' knowledge and skills.


We enhance this programme for all our students with our International Primary Curriculum (IPC). Indonesian culture is a key aspect that is taught throughout IPC topics across all year groups. As an example, our Village Life topic in Year 5 allows the students to study and then visit rural areas in Indonesia. Through this experience, the students develop their understanding of rural life in Indonesia, farming, coffee processing, schooling, tourism, ecological issues, and more.