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At BSJ we offer an extensive music curriculum taught by music specialist teachers. The curriculum is designed to stimulate and educate our children, whilst developing communication, independence, creativity and excellence. Primary music is very strong and permeates huge areas of a Primary student’s weekly experience from lessons to assemblies to performances. 

Students from Kindergarten to Year 6 have a music lesson each week. Students in Years 1 and 2 take part in mini-musicals and class assemblies. In Years 3-6, the provision increases with a wide range of Enrichment activities focused on music and drama, opportunity to take part in extravagant, exciting productions, and instrumental tuition on a chosen musical instrument. 

Students in the Primary years have specialist music lessons each week. These are linked to International Primary Curriculum (IPC) topics and focused on learning music through a variety of activities and through singing. In music, children learn about musical expression and communication. The knowledge, skills and understanding which children gain through their study of music is regarded in terms of enquiry, performance, composition, listening, interpretation, evaluation, and communication.

Children are taught about:

  1. Expressing emotions and experiences

  2. Developing creativity and imagination

  3. Performing by singing and playing instruments

  4. Musical composition

  5. Appreciating, respecting and enjoying music

  6. The work of musicians from different cultures

  7. Functions of music in people’s lives now and in the past


Primary students also take part in the Enrichment programme which means that they have a range of activities which they can enter into over the year. Musical options include activities such as choir, wind band, string group, Rock Band, recorders, beginner strings, beginner brass, Indonesian ensemble, and Sumatran drumming. Productions are also rehearsed during the curriculum enrichment sessions.


Students can opt to have an individual instrumental lesson from Year 3 onwards. Instrument lessons last for 30 minutes and are held once a week. Any students working from Grade 4 ABRSM and above will have a one hour lesson once a week. Students will come out of class to have this lesson and it is worked on a rotational basis. Students who choose to learn an instrument must commit to the music enrichments tied to their chosen instrument across the year. BSJ hosts ABRSM examinations as well as Rock School qualifications each year.