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The British School Jakarta is committed to the wellbeing of all students, families and staff.

Three school counsellors are on staff to provide counselling, responsive services, consultation and  education  for all members.

The Secondary School has two full-time counsellors and another dedicated counsellor for the Primary School. These services are intended to facilitate the educational, personal, social, and emotional development of students in school and in the community. 

Counselling services provide students with opportunities to become knowledgeable about themselves, to develop healthy relationships with others, to develop goals based on their needs and abilities, to enhance coping strategies, and to better equip themselves for important decisions.

In the Secondary School, students can make appointments confidentially and parents will be consulted if there is a reasonable need to do so. Students are encouraged to communicate with their parents and family meetings often ensue. Students can self-refer, parents can refer and/or students may be recommended to meet with the Counsellor from their Year Leader, Tutor or Class Teacher. Parents may also request a meeting with the Counsellor for short-term assistance with any concerns regarding their child(ren).

In the Primary School, parents are contacted if a child is recommended for counselling and permission is gained. Counselling may be recommended by the class teacher or a member of the pastoral team and parents may also request appointments for their child(ren). Parents can also request to meet the counsellors to seek parental advice  or for personal short-term guidance.

All sessions with counsellors are completely confidential unless there is an overwhelming concern for personal safety, in which the Child Protection Officer will be contacted, and who also is bound by confidentiality. The Child Protection lead at BSJ is Ms. Lisa Reid supported by three other senior members of staff.

In addition to meeting with students, parents or staff, the School Counsellors work with the Wellbeing teams to provide guidance in Wellbeing topics, deliver topic specific assemblies to year groups, provide monthly parent workshops, give staff training on common student issues,  and lead and guide the two student-led Wellness groups on campus.

Lisa Reid

Lisa Reid

Andrea Carrera

Rana Cheatwood

If you would like to make an appointment with the School Counsellors, you can contact them at the following email address to request an appointment.

Secondary School – Ms. Lisa Reid ( or Ms. Andrea Carrera (

Primary School – Ms. Rana Cheatwood (