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Individual Needs (IN)

At BSJ, we recognise that some students may experience obstacles to learning. Our faculty are qualified and experienced in implementing strategies to differentiate learning.

The Individual Needs Teams in the Primary and Secondary Schools provide support for students with a range of learning differences. Student referrals are received from teachers and discussed amongst the team to determine appropriate next steps. Students may require internal or external assessments to determine specific learning needs. Programmes are developed and provided by IN Teacher Specialists and Learning Support Assistants, based on assessment outcomes. Our teams use both pull-out (withdrawal) and push-in (in-class) models of support depending on resources available.

It is our overall aim to encourage all students to become confident, independent learners, in order to fully achieve their potential. 

We are always happy to meet with prospective students and parents. Please feel free to contact us with any queries you may have about Individual Needs.




Annemarie O’Donnell

EAL Teacher


Eva Niehorster

EAL Teacher

Teresa Watson

IN Teacher




Emiliana Effendy

Learning Support Assistant


Yesi Soedirham

Learning Support Assistant

Jenny Manalu

Learning Support Assistant

Vicca Maria

Learning Support Assistant


Jenny Sykes

Secondary School - IN Coordinator

Hanifa Umar

Learning Support Assistant  

Bertha Sinambela

   Learning Support Assistant   

Meyta Gingting

  Learning Support Assistant