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Virtual Art Exhibition

IB Visual Art Exhibition - Class of 2021

"We would like to introduce this year's IBDP Visual Arts exhibition. This has been a very different year with COVID-19 restrictions being in place and as a result, these students produced the vast majority of their work from home during lockdown. They have shown great determination and faced many challenges that we did not ever expect to have. Many of the works reflect these circumstances and show the story of their experiences. We are pleased to present the Year 13 IBDP Visual Art virtual Exhibition. 
The graduating students in Year 13 are: Earn and Haniqa
I would like to take this opportunity to say congratulations to Year 13. They have been an absolute pleasure to teach, inspirational to us and to one another during the 2 years. A year group that really supported each other and us. We will miss them dearly and really hope they will keep in touch in the future. Hope university goes well and keep being creative!"

-Mrs Davies and Mrs Manning-