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BSJ Campus Reopening

BSJ Hybrid Learning

Guided by the recommendations from the Ministry of Education and Culture (MoEC) and Ministry of Health, The British School Jakarta COVID-19 Taskforce has put in place multiple safeguards to enable a safe reopening of our beloved Campus. Since the first term of Academic Year 2020/2021, British School Jakarta has been in constant liaison with the MoEC Tangerang Selatan (Tangsel) and Banten Province in an open and positive dialogue about reopening the campus for students. After four inspection visits we have had from Banten Province and the Tangsel COVID Taskforce, our school is declared as beyond ready and became the first school to receive this acknowledgement in the region.
It is with great pleasure we can now share that we have surpassed their criteria in all areas.  We are currently looking at reopening with a phased approach once the government allows for school reopening in the area. This means that we will switch from full online learning to hybrid learning. Our teaching staff will teach from the classrooms and lessons will also be available to students who wish to remain at home in the first instance.

What is Hybrid Learning?

Hybrid Learning combines face-to-face learning with online learning. With the use of our Apple Technology, as an Apple Distinguished School, staff and students will be able to use both their MacBook Pros and iPads to ensure that the quality of education remains world class. For the last month staff have been trialing the use of the iPad on a tripod in the classroom and also continuing with their normal online experience through laptops. The teachers in both Primary and Secondary schools will be able to have teacher-student-online interactions. This will be particularly useful for practical activities (all socially distant and health regulated) and for students to have an improved learning experience of this hybrid model. We anticipate that there will be a rotation of students so that they will experience both face-to-face and online.
Under the ministerial decree, we are allowed to resume our learning activities on campus in two phases. The initial phase is a two-month transition phase, followed by the new normal phase. For information regarding our protocols, you may also refer to our General Campus Reopening Protocol video below.

Transition Phase 

Some adjustments to our usual on-campus habits during the transition phase with the BSJ Study Bubbles/cohort, including:
  • Learning activities will be conducted in a study bubbles setting to ensure that the students have limited exposure to mix with other students and teachers from other year groups. 
  • Students must use the designated classroom, dining area and restrooms for their dedicated year group’s study bubble. 
  • Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA) and Physical Education are not permitted during this transition period. 
  • There will be no canteen service during the transition period. All students must pack their own lunch and snack. Drinking water will be provided as usual and students must bring their own drinking bottles. 
  • Students must bring their own praying equipment 
  • No parents, nannies, drivers are not allowed to enter the Campus area. The younger students will be accompanied by the year group chaperones.
  • One way system for corridors and stairways will be implemented.

Please read the following guidelines for BSJ Campus Reopening:


BSJ Campus Reopening Student Booklet