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Cafeteria & Catering Services

The BSJ Catering Department aims to:

  • provide a varied and balanced diet within the school community in order to protect students’ health, promoting proper growth and development

  • help children and young people to improve their concentration and fulfill their potential both inside and outside school by encouraging them to have a proper meal during school lunches

  • provide varied and high quality meals for the school community at reasonable prices

BSJ Policy for Food Composition at Lunch:

  • Menus must be balanced, interesting, colourful and appealing, using fresh ingredients

  • 3 varied main courses are offered daily reflecting our diverse student body from multiple world cuisines, at least one of which is always vegetarian

  • Protein, starch & vegetables make up the daily set menu

  • Salad should be available each day for students

  • The vegetarian main course must always contain a source of protein

  • A different soup is served every day

  • Pre-made sandwiches with different types of fillings, using a variety of freshly baked breads, are always available

  • Breads are varied, high in whole grains, and cooked fresh daily in the school kitchen bakery

  • A variety of fresh fruits are offered at all times

  • Foods must be cooked adopting healthy cooking methods and be low in sodium

  • Deep frying is strictly limited

  • Cookies/biscuits are served freshly baked and with contents approved by the BSJ School Doctor or School Catering Advisor and served only at lunchtime and after school

  • School menus are reviewed and approved monthly by the BSJ School Doctor and Catering Advisor

Sample Menu - Kindergarten and Key Stage One

Sample Menu - Primary Rainbow Cafe

Sample Menu - Secondary Hawker Stall

Sample Menu - Secondary Cafeteria

Food Allergy Policy

At the British School Jakarta we take food safety very seriously and have a robust policy in place regarding food allergens.

  • Parents are required to inform the school Medical Center if their child has a food allergy

  • Our Medical Team regularly updates our catering services with the names of all children who have a food allergy

  • Catering services are required to know which children have an allergy and to which food

  • Food handlers are aware of the hazards from the use of potentially severe allergens

  • All food containing one or more of the common food allergens must be labelled/identified clearly when serving

We are a nut-free and shellfish-free campus:

  • Nuts, shellfish and any products that contain them may not be included in any dishes served at BSJ, nor are they allowed in food brought from home

HALAL  food service:

Unless clearly labelled, all food served at BSJ is Halal.

If pork is served, dishes must labelled Non-Halal. Likewise, if pork or pork products are served, the kitchen staff must use the equipment and utensils strictly dedicated for that purpose during preparation, cooking and serving.


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