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University Destinations

BSJ students go on to attend universities all over the world, but particularly those in the United Kingdom and the USA.

Our class of 2020 were offered places and are attending a plethora of world-renowned universities across 10 different countries. 

This year 40% of the class of 2020 decided to study in the UK and the vast majority of these students are studying in Russell Group universities including Imperial College London, UCL, LSE, Edinburgh, Manchester, King's College London and many more, as well as top art and design colleges such as University Arts London.

Our next biggest market for 2020 was the US with 24% of students choosing this as their top destination.

Offers from the US include Cornell University, UC Berkeley, Northwestern, Tufts, USC NYU, BU as well as top 10 liberal arts colleges such as Wellesley College and top art and design colleges including The New School, SAIC and CCS.

Throughout the rest of the world we saw success in universities such as: NUS in Singapore; Korea University and Yonsei University in Korea; University of Toronto. McGill University and UBC in Canada; University of Melbourne in Australia; as well as UI in Indonesia. We believe these offers truly highlight how our office and BSJ really is ‘a bridge to the world’ for our students. 

The most popular majors this year across all markets were: Mechanical Engineering, Business Management, Biological Sciences, Psychology, Medicine and International Relations and Politics. However, we had students apply for other amazing majors including Architecture, Automotive Design, Anthropology, Communications, Computer Science, International Hospitality Management, Liberal Arts and Sciences and Zoology

Some of the highlights for global subject rankings of where our class of 2020 are attending are: 

  • Urban Planning at UCL (ranked #1 in the world)

  • Architecture and Engineering at UCL (ranked #1 in the world)

  • Automotive Design at the College for the Creative Studies (ranked #1 in the world)

  • International Hospitality at EHL (ranked #1 in the world)

  • Politics at the LSE (ranked #4 in the world)

  • Economic History at LSE (ranked #6 in the world)

  • Neuroscience at UCL (ranked #4 in the world) 

  • Theatre at NYU (ranked #6 in the world)

  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Imperial College (ranked #7 in the world)

  • Health and Exercise Science at the University of Bath (ranked #10 in the world)


Click here to see an interactive map of BSJ students' university destinations


BSJ students' University Destination in 2020

London School of Economics (LSE) Leeds University University of Melbourne University College London (UCL) University of Exeter
National University of Singapore Durham University University of Bath Imperial College London Northwestern University
Loughborough University Wake Forest University College for the Creative Studies (CCS) University of Edinburg Notre Dame
University of Toronto University of Bristol Tufts University University of British Columbia (UBC) Hotel School of the Hague
University of California, San Diego Fashion Institute of Technology University of Birmingham Babson College University of the Arts London
University of Warwick Cornell University Tilburg University New York University University of Washington
University of Amsterdam Korea University Wellesley College St Andrews University Boston University
School of Art Institute Chicago (SAIC) Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne King’s College London University of Sheffield University of California, Berkeley
Wesleyan College McGill University University of Southern California (USC) University of California, Davis  

BSJ students' University Destination in 2019

Babson College Bard College at Simon’s Rock Boston University College for Creative Studies Cornell University
Fashion Institute of Technology Michigan State University The New School New York University  Northeastern University 
Northwestern University Pepperdine University Santa Clara University School of the Art Institute of Chicago Southern Oregon University
Tufts University University of California, Berkeley University of California, San Diego University of Notre Dame University of Southern California
University of Washington–Seattle Wake Forest University  Wellesley College Wesleyan University Bournemouth University
City, University of London Coventry University Durham University Imperial College London Keele University
King’s College London London School of Economics and Political Science Loughborough University Nottingham Trent University Royal Holloway, University of London
University College London University of Bath University of Birmingham University of Bristol University of Derby
University of Edinburgh University of Exeter University of Leeds University of Leicester University of Nottingham
University of Sheffield University of the Arts London University of Warwick University of York  Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne
Erasmus University College Hotelschool The Hague University of Amsterdam Tilburg University Curtin University Singapore
Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences (i3L) University of Indonesia Korea University University of Melbourne Fraser International College
University of British Columbia University of Toronto