Year Group Placement

Year Group Placement Booklet

At BSJ, we place children according to their date of birth, relevant to the academic year. Our academic year commences on 1 September and concludes on 31 August. After enrollment, new students undergo an evaluation process to ensure they are placed in appropriate classes throughout the academic year.

Once accepted, all students will be assigned to a Year group according to age, previous records, measured aptitudes and achievements, physical and emotional maturity and other pertinent considerations including students’ performance in the placement tests. Only in exceptional circumstances will a student be placed in a Year group other than his/her chronological age group. Parental preferences will be considered, but the final determination is the responsibility of the Principal.

Please note that your child’s current school may name their grade levels diferently than BSJ. Students who arrive after the academic year has started will generally continue in their current grade as long as the evaluation results meet the requirements.

For more information about how we determine our year group placement process at BSJ, please refer to our Year Group Placement booklet. If you require any assistance, our Admissions team is available to guide you through the process.

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