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Welcome to Wellbeing Symposium

Join us for an unparalleled Wellbeing Symposium for three days of connection, growth, and actionable takeaways. 

Featuring world-renowned speakers from wellbeing science, positive psychology, systems thinking and awareness, creativity, education, and biophilic design, you will participate in 9+ spotlight sessions, choose from 16 workshops, engaging panel discussions as well as opportunities for connection.

Delving into the core elements that shape our environments, cultures, and educational settings, the symposium will offer a profound exploration aimed at enabling both personal and collective thriving. Together, we can foster environments conducive to growth, cultures that prioritise wellbeing, and learning conditions that empower individuals to thrive.

At BSJ, we believe that Wellbeing is not just a desirable add-on to education, it's a fundamental prerequisite for unlocking human potential, fostering resilience, and creating a brighter future for individuals and society as a whole.

Don't miss out on this opportunity  to make a meaningful difference in the world of education. Please register in the link below. 

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Wellbeing Podcast

To hear about our Wellbeing journey, please click on our podcast featuring our Principal, Mr David Butcher, and our Head of Wellbeing, Ms Andrea Downie.

Wellbeing Symposium Video

For more information about the Wellbeing Symposium, click here to listen to our Principal, Mr David Butcher, and our Head of Wellbeing, Ms Andrea Downie. They provide insights into the origins of the symposium and the reasons behind it.



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